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VeHu – Medical

Located in Tuttlingen, the city considered the "heart" or "center" of medical and surgical technology, VeHu Medical has been manufacturing surgical instruments of the highest quality since 1986.


Surgical instruments from Tuttlingen

The extensive range of our surgical instruments for human and veterinary medicine, includes more than 20000 items. Our products are used and highly appreciated by hospitals, clinics, doctors, daily and worldwide.


VeHu Medical stands not only,
for outstanding manufacturing quality.

Through state-of-the-art production and manufacturing processes according to all international standards, guidelines, such as certified ISO13485/2016 as well as US FDA approval for all our product ranges.

Coupled with the 35 years of extensive experience of craftsmanship, which is reflected in all our products and quality.


VeHu-Medical also stands,
for trustful cooperation and reliability, in constant dialogue with its valued customers.

We manufacture the entire range of standard surgical instruments "in-house" in series production. The independence of our own "In-House" production lines, computer controlled manufacturing process and high quality manual workmanship, together with our own extensive stock of materials and components, provide the high flexibility required for special customer requests and customer satisfaction.

VeHu Medical has been at home in the heart of the world's medical center since 2000.
With our surgical instruments from Tuttlingen for human and veterinary medicine, we serve customers all over the world. For us, earning their trust means: Taking responsibility. Offering safety. Fulfilling expectations. Opening up perspectives. Far beyond the usual horizon or current moment. Especially when it comes to the health of humans and animals.


We stand for outstanding quality in every area.

We ensure competent customer care with personal advice and reliable service.

VeHu - quality instruments from the world center of medical technology.

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